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Elegant Shih Tzu Puppies is family owned and Operated. We are here to match our puppies with the right families to better serve both puppies and humans. Puppies deserve people and people deserve the love of puppies! Our vision is always to serve with love and compassion. We are here to help you find the very next family member that will shower you with abundant love and companionship.

Pet ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well-educated and understands the obligations required to keep a happy and healthy shih tzu puppy. As a result of our hard work, our customers constantly tell us how happy they have been since having a puppy in their lives. We just love when they share cute stories about the shih tzu puppies they have come to love so much. Visit Elegant Shih Tzu puppies today and see how truly happy having a shih tzu puppy will be for you.

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We breed and offer Shih Tzu Puppies for sale from AKC champion show dogs. We strive to breed the very best with the purpose of acquiring our next show dog. This type of breeding offers nothing but the best in quality and health for your next puppy. We hope you enjoy our services and find it informative and relative to the shih tzu puppy in your life. We try to provide a vast amount of information on how to care for, groom, train, troubleshot and any other topic that could be helpful about Shih Tzu Puppies.

We're A Group Of Shih Tzu Loving Caretakers And Trainers

With 12 years + of experience in breeding Shih Tzu puppies